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LibreOffice is a utility software that includes many office applications that assist you in office administrative tasks, help you to edit many documents and edit many necessary tables at work.

This is a multi-functional open source application suite, providing users with many tools to edit documents and handle office documents effectively, and is provided completely free of charge.


LibreOffice is an application compatible with many Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and GNU / Linux computer operating systems (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSUSE, ...), be your smart office friend.

In addition to familiar office applications such as Microsoft Office 2016 and OpenOffice, LibreOffice is a well-appreciated tool that can perfectly replace Microsoft Office 2016.

This suite has advantages such as nice and friendly interface, making it easy for users to capture and use, run smoothly even when opening many small applications at the same time, fast response time, so the work of You will not be interrupted.

LibreOffice will make users more inspired by the interface layout and many nice icons. LibreOffice program supports you in typing documents, working with spreadsheets, slides, drawing, data management, creating drawings, drawing graphics, ...

Besides the support of many Microsoft Office default formats, allowing opening and editing PowerPoint, Word, Excel files.

LibreOffice Writer


In terms of text editing, the program has a LibreOffice Writer editor with rich options from font formatting, text alignment, line spacing to more advanced functions like synonyms and dictionaries.

Users will find here the most essential features of a modern and intelligent word processing tool, from simple functions such as quick memorization to more complex tasks such as creating a book. complete with content, diagram ...

The advantages of text editing from LibreOffice Writer can be: beautiful, diverse fonts, automatic spell checking, word completion, using many different languages, flexible handling of components section in text.

LibreOffice Calc


The spreadsheet processing tool called LibreOffice Calc gives users the ability to handle numbers, analyze chart data, allow easy input of formulas, import data from SQL or Oracle databases, graph with 2S, 3D and 13 different graphing functions.

The created sheets can be saved in the OpenDocument default format, or open Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, export files in .PDF format to read on multiple platforms.

Although LibreOffice was developed from a branch of OpenOffice, it has been added to many more useful and popular features than OpenOffice.

Impress Presentation


LibreOffice also brings software to create multimedia presentations named Impress Presentation with many beautiful animation effects.

You can easily create an excellent presentation by drawing tools, creating diagrams, Slide Show display mode, supporting multiple monitors ...

In addition, this software provides flexible editing modes. If you often have to create technical drawings, don't forget LibreOffice Draw, and LibreOffice Base helps create and manage databases with the ability to support input from sources like MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft Access.

The latest version of LibreOffice adds new fonts called Carlito and Caledea, enabling digital signatures for PDF documents.

Feature menus and toolbars are improved, improved document filters and master page controls and outline and numbering on Impress's slide.

LibreOffice is popular in the world when it is translated into more than 30 languages of the world for all users. You can use this application anywhere.

Some features of LibreOffice software:

- Edit text with LibreOffice Writer

- Handling spreadsheets with LibreOffice Calc

- Create professional presentations

- Draw with LibreOffice Draw

- Create and manage databases with LibreOffice Base

- Create equations and mathematical formulas

- Draw charts, customize PDF creation program

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