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Office 2013 is one of the versions of Microsoft Office applications that are used by many people. The interface of the Office 2013 has been redesigned to be minimalist, elegant and light, allowing Word to read and view, open and edit PDFs directly on the application, Excel add data analysis tools, PowerPoint design support, collaboration and sharing. Other components are also changed to fit and more modern.


Office 2013 redesigned the interface on most applications with brighter colors, more visibility. Microsoft's new Word 2013 supports Read Mode, next to it is a completely new Outlook and many other bundled applications.

Office 2013 is a suite of office tools that integrates multiple applications such as text editors, spreadsheets, presentations, email management, and more. All these features are optimized for both touch-sensitive operations. Office 2013 also provides better support for group work, sharing of data online.

Office 2013 is the next version of the office suite from Microsoft with many new things to give users a great experience when downloading and using. The biggest changes of Office 2013 can be attributed to the interface has been redesigned beautiful, clear and light, text, spreadsheet, slide show, email, and data sharing are all enhanced to fit the needs of today's users.

The Office 2013 is a well-received Office Cup that is enthusiastically welcomed by the user community, demonstrating Microsoft's effort and investment. This version has been completely new in the design features compared to the old, still includes small applications such as Word 2013, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneNote and Outlook, but has added many new features and utilities, better compatibility on the operating system platforms, In that Word 2013 word processing application with online working features is considered the highlight of this Office suite.


It is also worth noting that Microsoft Office 2013 is only compatible with Windows 7 and Window 8, and older operating systems can not use the software. Speaking of office applications, the current version of Office 2003 is supposed to be the oldest but Office 2003 is still widely used for simplicity but fully meet the features of users.

The Office 2013 SP1 (32bit) version also has compatibility with Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11, better support for new hardware devices, such as high DPI and touch devices.

Office 2013 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, especially Office 2013 Professional (64bit) and Professional (32bit) with more advanced features for your work.

PowerPoint 2013 supports users to search and add photos or photo albums from services like Facebook, Flick ... without having to download them, saving you time.


This version also provides users with more options for presenting presentations, turning Power Point into a true demonstration world. PowerPoint 2013 also adds shape tools and editing capabilities to meet the needs of viewers who focus on the types of charts, charts, cubes. Besides, PowerPoint 2013's automatic color picker gives users better color scheme. In addition, the embedded video formats are also richer, even users can mix the music to play in the entire slide.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 vs. Office 2013 adds a number of other features to better support users, including the enterprise support functions that Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 brings.

Overall, Office 2013 is a relatively efficient cloud-based office application that integrates with SkyDrive and SharePoint, facilitate the storage and sharing of data. This application will give users more surprises with interesting features, and above all to meet the practical benefits of the user.

Office 2013 also supports you to convert word to pdf when you need security, edit data, transferring the word to pdf in Office 2013 is quite simple, so you can create PDF documents in a snap.

Main Features of Office 2013:

- Improved interface makes it easier to customize

- Better support for touch control

- Combined with SkyDrive cloud storage service

- Convert Word to PDF format

- Allows embedding video online into Word file

- Addition of new math functions

- Make presentations with more tools

Editing PDF files on Microsoft Office Word 2013

Step 1: Open the PDF file using Microsoft Office Word 2013

Option 1: Right-click the PDF you want to open, select Open with -> Word


- The dialog box appears, select OK to be able to open the PDF file using Microsoft Office Word 2013


Option 2: On the Microsoft Office Word 2013 interface, go to File


- Select Open → Computer → Browse


- The dialog box that appears will select the PDF file to open in the Open with -> Open

- Select Yes in the dialog box for confirmation

Step 2: Edit the PDF file


Step 3: After editing the PDF file, you save the file again. Be sure to select the .pdf extension, otherwise Word will save the default as .docx.


Good luck!

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